Increase Visibility and Control in the Digital Enterprise

Improve Project Outcomes with Cherwell PPM

Cherwell Project & Portfolio Management provides the visibility and control the project managers need to improve project outcomes. It helps you make better decisions about which projects to execute and gain improved visibility into resource utilization and project status.

Key Capabilities & Features

Demand Management

Prioritize all of your project requests based on real data to ensure you execute the right projects at the right time.

Portfolio Management

Align all of your projects with key strategic corporate objectives.

Project Management

Provide instant visibility and status across all of your projects.

Execute the Right Projects with Demand Management

With streamlined demand management, the PMO can prioritize every idea and project request across the organization to execute the right projects at the right time. Cherwell PPM makes it easy to evaluate benefits, costs and risks with a scoring matrix, or balanced scorecard, and use dashboards to manage demands in all stages and compare and prioritize project requests.

Advance Strategic Objectives with Portfolio Management

Portfolio management allows you to quickly visualize the health and status of any portfolio of projects and instantly see how well your organization is doing against its strategic objectives. As new project demands arise, you can easily analyze the possible benefits, costs, and risks of converting demands into approved projects, so you’re continuously optimizing the portfolio for your organization.

Boost Visibility with Project Management

Project management from Cherwell PPM enables project leaders to see the status of all their projects at a glance, then rapidly drill down into each project's details. The system automatically rolls up effort, costs, schedule, and risk information so you can easily evaluate and communicate status through health indicators, and presents the most pressing items and actions in prominent widgets. You can create, manage, import, and refresh your work breakdown structures within Cherwell PPM or within MS Project – whichever your team prefers.

Optimize Worker Utilization with Resource Management

Resource management ensures optimal allocation and utilization of project workers for more successful project planning and execution. Cherwell PPM helps you evaluate the commitments of organizational roles or specific individuals to make sure there is adequate capacity to complete the work during the project timeline.