In order to bring designed processes to life, and to support our Managed Service Centre internally, Pink Elephant have selected a number of industry leading technology solutions, specifically chosen to compliment the various other solutions we offer:

Optimise your ability to deliver services more efficiently, reduce demand and manage processes, workflows and service experiences. Cherwell improves service delivery across the entire organization to cover areas such as IT Service Management, HR, facilities, training and any other workflow you can think of automating.

Named as a leader by Forrester and a Challenger by Gartner, this integrated system allows you to innovate quickly with codeless workflow automation, measure progress with end to end visibility of integrated dashboards and collaborate seamlessly with easy partner integration.

Beyond Trust is the #1 solution for leading enterprises to securely access and support any device or system, anywhere in the world. The tool will support all of your systems over the web, even behind firewalls you don’t control.

All supported platforms are included in the core product so you can consolidate and standardise support, improving incident handling time and agent productivity. Beyond Trust Privileged Access is the fastest way to protect your most critical assets from Cyber threats.

With Specops you can revolutionise password resets with a flexible authentication engine and ensure that users always have a secure way to reset their password, regardless of location, device or browser.

Used in conjunction with new Service Centre customers, we see a decrease in call volumes to the Service Desk by up to 40%, providing a quick win kick start to any new service and reduced resource requirements.

EclecticIQ Platform is a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) that empowers threat analysts to perform faster, better and deeper investigations whilst disseminating intelligence at machine-speed. Organizations not only need to develop sufficient capabilities to protect themselves, but also to do so at a reasonable and predictable cost.

The formation of a threat intelligence practice enabled by technology works toward these goals by centralizing Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) through a single trusted entity within the organization.

Organisations that attempt to track IT service configuration through manual efforts cannot keep up with the rapid pace of change and complexity in any environment. The out-dated knowledge puts organisations at risk of repeated, expensive service outages caused by configuration errors and lost opportunities for increased efficiency.

Firescope enables customers to populate and secure accurate, service-aware CMDB’s using an automated approach to discovery and dependency mapping of all assets in your enterprise.